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Solar Panels Brisbane

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We’ve been working hard since 1996. Unlike other solar companies in Brisbane that come and go, we’re here for the long run. All of systems are Clean Energy Council approved. For a free solar system quote for your Brisbane home or business, complete the form and we’ll call you back.

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Brisbane Solar Experts

Whether is Brisbane residential solar, commerical solar, or industrial solar systems, we do it all.

If you use energy during the day, solar is essential for your business. Too often we come across homes and businesses consuming large amounts of energy and paying for it.

Other’s are doing it differently…

They’re getting free electricity during the day and discounted electricity at night. 

With our financing team, you can get started today with no upfront costs. Your next power bill plus your repayments will still be less than your previous bill.


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Brisbane Solar Makes Sense

With electricity prices going up and solar panel prices coming down, it’s a no brainer. Whether it’s for your home or business, we can make solar work for you.

Renewable Energy

By installing solar panels, you’re helping move towards a cleaner Earth. With all of the current polution, you can minimise your footprint as well as your bill with solar.

Since 1996

The solar industry is rife with scammers. These guys offer low price systems with ridiculous warranties. 12 months later, they don’t exist. Trust us just like the thousands of clients we’ve had.

Expert Solar Panel Installers

Our team are experts at installing solar panels in Brisbane and have a strong aftercare program. We monitor your panels daily to ensure they’re performance is optimal.

how solar works

solar panels brisbane

Solar panels absorb and convert the sun’s rays into DC electricity.

The inverter receives the DC electricity and converts this into AC electricity suitable for your home.

Your meterbox sends electricity to the grid once it’s converted. It also receives electricity from the grid when you need it.

Your home creates electricity that goes back into the grid. When your home needs electricity, the grid supplies you with as much as you need.

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